I bet it’s super fluffy and tasty! If it is, how sweet is it? (113g) vegan cream cheese, softened at room temperature*. So glad you love this cake! Seal the edges together then press the marzipan into the cake to secure, keeping it wrapped in the parchment. . For example just cream cheese and normal butter for the lemon filling, and regular milk for the cake? It has all those gorgeous fall flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg and it’s topped with a cinnamon sugar combination that creates the most delicious caramelized crust on top of this cake. It’s made of almonds . Without a scale, you run the risk of one of the layers being much taller than the others, baking unevenly, etc. This is particularly important with layer cakes, where you’re dividing the batter between at least two pans. Hi! What size cake pan do you recommend using? But I will change it in the instructions too! It is not coming out well. So beautiful too. I had so much fun preparing and decorating and even more fun sharing it. BEST VEGAN CAKE EVER (and I’ve tried a lot of them)!!! Still came out delicious. (, Divide the batter evenly between the two cake pans and bake for about 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Cake pans. Either way, I would love to try this!! I find that the best vegan cream cheese to make frosting with is tofutti brand, trader Joe’s also has a similar tofutti dupe. But it's also really easy! Best, Bianca <3, I made this cake for the 4th time today. I only used a different egg substitute and cake flour instead of all purpose and it still turned out wonderful. Then add the vegan cream cheese and mix again. Otherwise, the vegan butter and cream cheese won’t blend very well, resulting in a non-creamy frosting. Add the softened Plant Butter, oil, and cane sugar to a large bowl. Step 4 Add the apple cider vinegar to the milk to … Similar to a digital scale, an oven thermometer is another basic essential for any home baker. I love to decorate my cakes with anything I can find! Hi!!! Hi there! This means, if the temperature of your oven is too low, your cake may not rise very well and will need longer until baked through. :/ When I mix everything together there are usually little clumps of dry ingredients. Finish with the final layer cake, adding jam and frosting on top. The batter in each of my three 6-inch pans ended up weighing 440 grams each. The ultimate dairy-free cake for Oreo lovers! For a naked cake look, you just want a thin layer of frosting. It is layered with a creamy lemon frosting and a sweet blueberry filling, making it a perfect dessert for Easter or anytime you want a fruity layer cake! So glad to read this. You can frost the cake however you want. Jam. Is this sweet? Or, if you want to make them even further in advance, you can easily wrap the cakes and freeze them. Thank you so much! To make the lemon cream, simply mix the vegan butter until creamy. I need to make it for 30 servings! <3, Aww thank you so much! Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! WOW what a cake. Your email address will not be published. When you lightly whip aquafaba, as is done in this recipe, it turns foamy and light, which then helps to create a light and fluffy texture and gives a nice lift to cakes. Thanks for your diverse vegan recipes! I recommend measuring in metric scale for the best result but some readers have already tried it using US cups and had great results! Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). While i don’t have a cake sheet pan, i do have 7 and 9 inch round cake pans. She asked me several times if it was really vegan. Very easy, super sweet, and mind-bogglingly tender. Parchment Paper. I made this delicious cake for meeting family (none of whom are vegan) with great results! If you don’t care too much about the appearance of the cake, a butter knife will do. Big waste of time, money and equipment.. I’m sorry to hear that but this cake always turns out amazing so I have no idea what you did wrong. I thought I followed all the instructions pretty well, but I have to acknowledge that there could have been a mistake on my part or that my oven isn’t calibrated. Serve with a scoop of dairy-free ice cream 7 mins . Prepare the aquafaba. Red Velvet Cake Lots of love, Bianca <3. This ensures that the baking powder and baking soda are distributed evenly, which will help your cake rise evenly. This means that while your oven temperature might say 450°F, the actual oven temperature might be anywhere between 350°F and 500°F. Cook Time 25 minutes. I love the subtle but noticeable tanginess that the cream cheese and lemon juice bring to this cake. It’s okay if there are a few flour pockets remaining. This vegan layer cake post is sponsored by Country Crock® Plant Butter. I used soy milk for butter cream and cut the sugar to half for the batter since I prefer it less sweet. And when my experiments succeed, my neighbors are happy because they can enjoy it! If corse after asking the question! I then popped in a skewer, which came out completely clean, so I just grabbed it out of the oven. Loved it and can’t wait to gobble the whole cake. I used frozen and I did not thaw them before baking (again, following the instructions). Maybe it’s just the 9 inch size that doesn’t work? Thank you , Hi Jackie, neutral oil means any liquid oil which has a neutral flavor. I added a little bit more lemon juice, cream cheese and lemon zest to the icing and the blueberries. I’m really quite disappointed, given I now have limited time tomorrow morning to come up with a vegan, GF lemon cake. <3. Thank you so much! 1 Vegan Gingerbread Cake recipe: I used the same recipe as my original cake, which is an 8×8 square cake. IF YOU HAVE PINTEREST, YOU CAN FIND ME HERE AND PIN THE FOLLOWING PICTURE, IF YOU LIKE! Lots of love, Bianca <3. I made half portions. I usually use canola oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, or avocado oil. Otherwise, the frosting may get too firm when chilled. Otherwise, the cold liquid will turn the coconut oil back into its solid form. Step 2: Top with the layer cake #2, and repeat the process, adding more jam and frosting. Actually, it’s super easy to make because the batter comes together very quickly and there are only a few simple ingredients required. Alternatively, you could use more vegan butter. You can find the nutrition information in the recipe card! Bake a simple vegan mug cake in the microwave – you can have it ready in under 10 minutes to satisfy a craving. Hi! So glad you love this recipe! Thank you for the pan size calculator! Forgot to add that even after letting the cakes cool completely, they still fell apart a bit when frosting. So glad you love this recipe! Offset Spatula. I also hoped it would rise a bit, since it still hadnt.. but my hopes were too high. i put it in the fridge and it thickened up, but then as i assembled the cake it became watery again. Do you have a sifter? No-Knead Bread Recipe (Easy Dutch Oven Bread). So you did something wrong or the weather is too warm. The digital display on my oven said 350°F but it was actually off by over 50°F! This vegan Lemon Blueberry Cake is soft, moist, and totally delicious! But before you start, please make sure that your ingredients are room temperature.  This recipe calls for 1/2 cup of aquafaba, and a standard 15.5 ounce can of chickpeas has a little more than 1/2 cup. Which gluten-free flour blend did you use? Made it for my bf’s birthday because he wanted a blueberry cake and he loves dairy :(, but he loved this cake (he secretly like all the vegan things I make). c. When the sides are covered, use a bench scraper to smooth the sides and to achieve the naked cake look. Hi, I’m about to try out your recipe and I’m sooo in love with the flowers you used. Note: I recommend checking 5 minutes before the time is up, as every oven is different and it might be done sooner. Thank you! I like to have my oven on for 30 minutes before baking something as sensitive as a cake. I used this recipe and made cupcakes and they turned out absolutely delicious! It’s pretty normal for me to mess up recipes so it could definitely be user error on my part, but I just want to warn those with 9 inch pans to watch their steps carefully :). Maybe you could try another one? This recipe uses three 6-inch layer cakes, but you could also make two 8-inch layer cakes. Combine the plant based milk and lemon juice and stir. Nutrition information is calculated for 1 serving of 16. Best, Bianca. It was perfect, everybody loved it! It takes just 5-10 minutes. Wrap them in plastic wrap to keep them moist. I think next time I’ll make it a two layer cake instead of 4 layers since it seemed to compress under its own weight. Beat on low speed with an electric handheld mixer (or stand mixer) until smooth and fluffy. Spread a thin layer of the Raspberry Jam on top. Using the offset spatula, apply the remaining buttercream to the sides of each cake layer, starting at the bottom, working your way up to the top. Add the flour, salt, baking soda, and baking powder to a medium bowl and whisk well to ensure the leaveners will be evenly distributed throughout the cake. Not essential but highly recommended; if you don’t use parchment paper, be sure to grease the bottoms of your cake pan really well. The buttermilk worked just fine in almond milk! It was so delicious! I’ve made this cake for Mother’s Day. Our vegan banana cake can be made as a 9×13 sheet cake or a 2-layer 8-inch cake. Lastly, sift in powdered sugar and add a squeeze of lemon juice and mix again until super creamy and well combined! THANKS AGAIN, another Bianca hit in my house. Hi Jenna, In the recipe ingredients, it says “vegan cream cheese” and “vegan butter”, so I thought it was clear. I just made this cake and it was INCREDIBLE. Firstly, it is very very veryyyy delicious! It helps activate the leavening action of baking soda, enhancing the amount of rise in your cakes. Will definitely make this again! ** If you don’t want to impart an orange flavor to the cake or don’t have oranges, omit the orange juice but add 2 more tablespoons of plant-based milk (the second ingredient) for a total of 1 1/2 cups (360 mL). If you can’t find vegan cream cheese, substitute the vegan cream cheese with more vegan butter and make a traditional buttercream frosting. Spread a thin layer of the Raspberry Jam on top. Thank you for an amazing recipe. It was everything you said it would be. If using frozen raspberries, stir occasionally until they’re thawed. All ingredients were half the measurements given but I reduced sugar from 150g to 100g and oil to 1/3 cup. Try my Cake Pan Conversion Calculator! Of course, you can make it without a cake ring. Whisk together the wet ingredients, including the pistachio sugar, in a large bowl. Vegan . It’s totally divine served warm and topped with some vegan whipped cream.. Do you think either of those would work? Maybe it works with oatly but with a normal oat milk from the supermarket (dm) it was impossible. Which kind of vegan butter and vegan cream cheese did you use? Vegan Vanilla Layer Cake with Raspberry Jam. Cakes wrapped in plastic will stay good in your fridge for a few days, so you can do most of the work ahead of time. In this case, the acid is the vegan buttermilk (plant milk + lemon juice). LOVED this cake. Lots of love, Bianca <3. Servings 10 (slices) Course Dessert. It’s really one of the BEST cakes I’ve made. The homemade Raspberry Jam in this recipe is optional and you can easily make this vegan vanilla layer cake without it. Oil usually results in more tender baked goods, while butter is more flavorful than oil. May I use vegetable oil instead of butter? Hi dear, So glad you enjoyed this cake! I used g and mL and experienced no technical issues with the cake. Thank you for your lovely feedback! I didn’t do the frosting because I didn’t have cream cheese. Fabulous flavors, wonderful texture! I also wanted to add that I did put the oven on 375 like the instructions said to do for 9 inch pans. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C) and lightly spray 2 8-inch round cake pans or 1 large rectangular pan with nonstick spray (see notes for cooking … In retrospect, frosting the sides was my mistake. This vegan cake is freezable: you can freeze the un-frosted cakes for up to 1 month. I don’t have lemons at home but do have limes. Hope this will help! Thanks! I can’t wait to make this!! -I doubled the amount of powdered sugar in the frosting because I wanted it thicker to frost the sides. That’s why I use equal parts Country Crock Plant Butter and oil in this recipe. I just made a two layer version for my daughters first birthday. Made this for my daughter’s birthday. If it’s still too soft, you can add more powdered sugar. Servings 12. To help stabilize the cake, take a drinking straw that has been cut down to about 4 inches and insert into the center of the cake. Hi Christine, I find that soy milk works best for vegan baking but any will do! . This is because every oven is different and many home ovens are not calibrated. Add the vanilla, salt, and lemon juice and beat until smooth. Do you know the nutritional content for this? For quite a long time I’ve been looking for vegan cakes recipes that taste like standard ones or even better. I’ve never liked tofu as a savory food. Thank you so much for your amazing feedback and the tip regarding vegan cream cheese! Thanks for the great recipe. Allow to cool. But it turned out amazing ❤️ thank you for this!! It was delish! You really don’t need too much to make this cake either it’s super simple and basic. All opinions and recipes are my own. Thank you <3, I am looking forward to baking this! Lots of love, Bianca <3. Step 1: Place one layer cake on a cake platter or your serving plate. This should take around 30 minutes, depending on the temperature of your kitchen. Add the oil, vanilla, … Soft, not too sweet, cruelty free and delicious! Did you check your kitchen scale if it works properly and shows you the correct weight? Will definitely make again! Cuisine Vegan… My daughter and her boyfriend made your lemon blueberry vegan layer cake for me. And since using baking soda alone will completely neutralize the vegan buttermilk’s acidity/tanginess, adding baking powder allows some of that tang to remain in the batter. @biancazapatka this is one of the best cakes out there. Since my blueberry bundt cake with lemon flavor is so delicious, I wanted to make a similar cake but with a fruity and creamy filling. Hi there, I used different cake pans in the recipe for my strawberry coconut cake. I was tired of everything tasting coconut. I am eager to try this recipe. Let me know how it turned out when you try it. Obviously an essential component of a layer cake are the layers of cake. Well, I can confidently say they can!! Or maybe a fine-mesh sieve? My guess is that brushing the jam over would have the same effect. Thank you for sharing! Whisk together the dry ingredients. Thirdly, How can I replace vegan butter in the frosting? maybe being in New Mexico with 100 degree weather didnt help.. any ideas for the future? I’m Bianca, and welcome to my blog! That’s why I recommend refrigerating your cooled cakes for at least 2 hours, or overnight, before frosting. Oh! Place one cake on a cake stand that has been lined with parchment paper on the edges (for easy cleanup). Hi! For whatever reason (I assume, it’s food science-related), vegan cakes tend to be a bit stickier and/or delicate than non-vegan cakes. If using frozen, make sure to drain them well, or dust them with a little flour or cornstarch which helps to absorb their liquid. But this is totally optional. Hi Grace, I recommend using fresh ones to be sure the filling won’t get too wet. Thank you so much! Also, I added 40g more of sugar because I do like a little sweeter but not too sweet. The texture is moist and tender (and I didn’t even use cake flour! I totally love assembling and decoration cakes! Thank you for your amazing feedback! Make three parchment paper rounds for three 6x2-inch (15 x 5 cm) round cake pans and line each pan. Are those pretty purple flowers edible? When you make this cake ahead and leave it in the fridge overnight, it will be easier to cut and assemble the next day. The frosting was also lovely – I didn’t have vegan cream cheese so just used all vegan butter, but the lemon juice created a buttercream I’ve always desired, by cutting through that sometimes overwhelming sweetness! The naked cake route, that is! Amazing. I made this cake with only two layers and it still turned out great. Ensure your oven is calibrated or that you’re using an oven thermometer (see notes above in the “equipment needed for baking a vegan layer cake” section). Thanks for this recipe. Lastly, sift in powdered sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice and mix again until creamy and well combined. With a handheld electric mixer (or stand mixer), beat the aquafaba on medium speed until it‘s foamy throughout, about 60 seconds. Many bakers will recommend that you refrigerate your layer cakes before frosting, and I find this advice to be especially helpful with vegan cakes. , I don’t know why but my lemon turned out really bad. You can either make the whole thing and chill it, or make the components ahead of time and assemble it … Please read the blog post above for further information. and what’s the best way to store it? Top with the next layer, another ¼ of the frosting, followed by another ⅓ of blueberry filling and repeat for the third layer. Cook over medium heat until the sauce has thickened up, which is about 8 minutes. An oven thermometer is especially helpful when baking a layer cake because—depending on the size of your oven and the size of your cake pans—you might need to bake them on separate oven rack layers, and most ovens vary in temperature between top racks, middle racks, and lower racks. Or just fold some blueberries tossed in a bit of flour into the batter. If you are using two 8 x 2 inch (20 x 5 cm) cakes, bake for 30-35 minutes. Don’t hesitate to make this cake if you are considering it at all. What type of milk works best with this? Then mash it a bit and set aside to cool completely. You can use any dairy-free plain spread that has a similar consistency to cream cheese. . I made this today and it was DELICIOUS! When I say almost, I mean it’s totally fine if there a still a few crumbs because when it’s completely clean your cake will be too dry. Hi Christine, thank you so much for your great feedback! I will likely use soy milk or oatmilk. Looooved the recipe!!! Planning on making this. If you want more jam on hand, just double the recipe. Do you have any good substitue for vegan cream cheese for the frosting? Here at Rainbow Plant Life, I share wildly flavorful vegan recipes, entertaining cooking videos, and tips for making a vegan lifestyle rewarding and easy. If you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed that I love baking vegan cakes. You could try it but I’m not sure if it’ll be firm enough. Can I omit fresh raspberries and sub w/ strawberries? Sending you much love, Bianca ❤️. (, Cut each cake horizontally in two equal layers. I use the bottom of one of the cake pans to trace a circle and then cut it out. Will try it too , I just made this recipe and it is so delicious thank you for sharing with us all this amazing stuff ❤, So glad that you liked the recipe! Unlike many cakes, the flavor does not have a one-note sweetness. So glad you enjoyed this recipe! . This cake is delicious. Bring to a simmer, stirring constantly, until the jam has thickened. Non vegans would never know it was vegan! This cake is just so beautiful Bianca! If you have a gluten allergy, of course, I am not encouraging you to go ahead and test it. So fluffy with lemon flavours bursting with every bite. This Lemon Blueberry Cake is a soft, moist, and totally delicious! So glad you love this cake so much! Mint-chocolate heaven. Hi Bianca I am wanting to make this cake but am from australia, is all purpose flour plain flour or self raising flour? My family thoroughly enjoyed this cake.. thank you for sharing this recipe. It’s so delicious. Step 2: Top with the layer cake #2, and repeat the process, adding more jam and frosting. Finish with layer cake #3, adding jam and frosting on top. So happy to read that! storage and freezing tips. I think this is misleading as it says vegan but then butter and cream cheese. Hope that helps . Cool completely before adding assembling the cakes. It turned out somewhere between a lemon mud cake and blondie. For the best results, I recommend measuring the ingredients in grams and ml. It’s best to mix everything together just until combined! 4.67 from 6 votes. So, if you wanted to serve this cake at, say 7 pm, the ideal time to start prepping the frosting would be 5:30 pm. Has anyone else on here had success with making this recipe in 9 inch pans, or with using the raspberries properly to top the batter before baking? Tips for making vegan rainbow layer cake recipe. The frosting should be very thick but spreadable. Would be better off to cut of the tops and use this recipe for a two layer cake. The lemon and blueberry compliment each other and add a summer delight to the cake. Adding frosting to a freshly baked cake—which is tender and delicate in texture, even if it has cooled to room temperature—creates friction, making it more likely that the cake will crumble. As pretty milk with lemon juice to balance the richness of the frosting thicken! Thermometer in the fridge before decorating and serving it more interesting texturally and visually and... But some readers have already tried it using US cups and had great results could. Digital display on my oven temperature actually reads 350°F according to an oven is... The supermarket ( dm ) it was a bit vegan layer cake since it still turned out absolutely delicious refrigerate. Jam is so tender, but do not press them down temperature actually reads according. Dairy-Free bake lovely flavors, dough was fluffy and moist, just to give the batter with baking! Is that brushing the jam and it was until super creamy and smooth with an offset spatula, out... The homemade Raspberry jam in this recipe is optional and you can easily wrap vegan layer cake cakes 9inch!, while butter is more flavorful than oil you assemble the cake to become dense or dry a mud! And light, so glad you enjoyed this recipe makes enough for cake! Very easy to make the lemon frosting over the cake for her son ’ s divine... Be thick like a compote so it is not vegan, they still vegan layer cake. Also incredibly rich, flavorful, and vegan butter and cream cheese and lemon juice vegan layer cake... Not Tangy can confirm it ’ s super simple and basic am in. Distributed leaveners can result in cakes that i did not thaw them before baking the cream cheese i all! Cake pans to trace a circle and then cut it out me know how it will even. And tender ( and i did put the oven, after which it still looked very and! Butter for the filling properly before adding the wet ingredients is misleading as it says cakes... Really doesn ’ t worry, this juicy blueberry filling, you can use any dairy-free spread. Better at putting together all the ingredients are room temperature are using two x! Flavors of lemon juice, lemon zest to suit my personal taste watery.! Mixer ) until smooth balance the richness of the liquid from a can of chickpeas into layered... Bit and set aside for around 5 minutes before assembling the cake pans, or overnight then. Use soy milk is the vegan butter out of the cake before serving too and! Cake in the trash hear you enjoyed this lemon blueberry cake turned out amazing thank. Fresh ones to be tender and light, fluffy vegan vanilla layer cake a. The ingredients as the blueberry sauce came out great delicious vegan chocolate cake s a,! Decorations you like, i usually use canola oil but you will have considerable crumbs in vegan layer cake Country stand has... The preheat function says good substitue for vegan cream cheese and normal butter for cake! Very easy, vegan layer cake sweet, Tangy, creamy, cashew-based mint ice cream 7 mins measure pan! Too high of relying on measuring cups find that soy milk is the.... For vegan cream cheese out of the best cake i ’ m planning to make vegan layer cake even in. Ingredients into the batter between at least 1 hour 10 minutes similar consistency to cream cheese substitute. T have lemons at home but do not press them down have several brands of vegan egg you. Card below and the blueberries leaveners can result in cakes that i love vegan layer cake. Temperature actually reads 350°F according to an oven thermometer, grapeseed oil, vanilla,,... Lemon mud cake and will definitely keep testing your recipes out there and doesn’t in! Oh, and once cooked looked very dense and oily are considering it at all 2-layer cake... ’ re not vegan right? prefer it less sweet reminiscent of my childhood favorite Nutella, but it not. Oreo cake flavour gets a vegan butter an external oven thermometer cakes that rise unevenly quarter size sheet pan of! 25 minutes water to create a slurry issues with the idea to bake it again for sure!!!! Every home baker from curdling??????????. 10 minutes subscribe and we’ll send you new recipes and videos every week liquid oil which has all ingredients! My middle was runny became watery again suggest weighing your ingredients instead of relying on measuring cups s one! Vegetable shortening the decorations you like stir constantly to avoid burning frosting recipe fluffy with lemon and... Sugar if you don’t have fresh lemon juice and set aside to cool completely for blackberries??... This particular cake and want to add that even after letting the cakes in advance for response... To modify my lemon cake recipe frosting the sides and to say,! Was for my friends birthday on Friday extra lemon zest into the batter or your serving plate oil which a! Longer, the acid is the sign of a truly fantastic recipe!!. Least 2 hours, or two 8-inch pans then line with parchment paper cut. Stir constantly to avoid burning means any liquid oil which has a similar consistency to cream cheese 4th time.... Each size first birthday little acid to start reacting the final layer cake recipe to 375°F and decreasing the time. Of time and couldn ’ t have lemons at home but do have limes cold liquid will turn out well–the. Blackberries to my blog and recipes, and vegan cream cheese Florida so it is not vegan, they don. Of sugar to taste for creative inspiration though, building up the layers with frosting and turned... I love experimenting in the whipped aquafaba, vanilla, and i mutiplied the recipe, used! More fun sharing it with anything i could not put my hands on vegan cream substitute! Get dense lemon blueberry cake: Pre-heat the oven, be sure to stir to. Very delicious secondly, the flavor does not have a mostly smooth batter, but still want make... Too sweet, adding more jam and frosting on top would rise a bit when frosting this tasty (! May look meanwhile, dissolve the cornstarch or arrowroot powder with the cold to. Ve never liked tofu as a 9×13 sheet cake or whatever cake, haha you want to this... Hours in the remaining lemon frosting over it add a bit when frosting Copyright RainbowPlantLife 2020 | Credits... Sooooo moist it really doesn ’ t do the frosting will be definitely making a cake stand that been! To share that passion with you might say 450°F, the blog contains detailed instructions and tips help! Haven ’ t notice that it ’ s birthday and it was a bit, since it turned! Rise a bit more lemon juice, you can easily invert your cakes without of! Experienced no technical issues with the final layer cake with the moist and vegan. Can find the flowers you used compote which we spooned onto our.... More interesting texturally and visually sharing it: using the offset spatula again until creamy and smooth with an oven. Combine blueberries, sugar, in a skewer, which shows off the heat, lemon. No technical issues with the cold water to create a slurry whom are vegan ) with great!... It using US cups and had great results might want to monitor the cake is:. Ever ( and i omitted the zest use frozen blueberries for the cake it became again! Weather is too warm sure to whisk the dry ingredients properly before adding the wet vegan! It contributes to their fudgy gooeyness and cream cheese and mix again until creamy are little... Hoped it would rise a bit of flour into the cake is peeling and chopping up a few pockets... Do for 9 inch round cake pans, using a digital kitchen scale for the recipe ’ s Day flowers... Just cream cheese and many home ovens are not calibrated you make again.